We are a full-stack software development shop in Austin, Texas.

We hack on software. We make games. We solve problems.

Who are we?

Architect of Mischief

I'm a shark!


Director of Mayhem

I'm a bat!

Anthony Taormina

Everything Else

Don't be shy!

Have a data problem? Need an app built? Let's chat!

I also provide tutoring and interview preparation.

What's being publicly hacked on?
Danger World

We built a text-based sword and sorcery role-playing game that is now available on iOS and Android! Join us on our journey to build a new kind of reading game.

Multiplayer is next up!

You can check us out at https://danger.world to learn more.


My brother launched an online version of his brick and mortar store in order to facilitate in-store pickups with our help. He continues to sell heat transfer vinyl at his Amazon store if you need something delivered, but now his website supports that as wel!

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