We are a full-stack software development shop in Austin, Texas.

We hack on software. We make games. We solve problems.

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Anthony Taormina

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What's being publicly hacked on?
Danger World

We built a collaborative storytelling game that was available on iOS and Android. We appreciated everyone who joined us on our journey to build a new kind of reading game.

Danger World is back under development and the website and blog are available again.

Beva's Bracelets

I've built a few static websites for small businesses that need a digital presence. Check out my grandmother's website, my cousin's website or this one as an example of what you can get made for your business.

WoW Classic Tools

I play World of Warcraft Classic on Pagle. I made two simple tools that make things easier for other players. I made a calculator for figuring out the best way to get the tickets you need for the Darkmoon Faire and another similar calculator for the Thorium Brotherhood.