Small Businesses Websites

Does your small business need a website?

Do you have a digital presence? How do your customers find you? How many incoming revenue streams do you have?

A website is a good way to promote your business and to give your customers more information about your business.

How complex does your website need to be?

Complex websites are expensive to maintain and run. By contrast, a simple static website can let your customers connect with you for far cheaper.

A cheap dynamic website would cost a minimum of $10/month for hosting, but could easily cost far more based on the hardware required to support the functionality of the site.

What if I need an app?

I can create both iOS and Android apps.

A consultation about whether your business's needs would be best suited by an app or a website is always free.

What don't you do?

I do not provide any sort of "custom checkout flows" or "payment processing" options with static websites. Unfortunately, we can't provide these features on this sort of a budget, but if this functionality is required for your business, we can discuss what sort of dynamic website your business needs.

How much will my website cost?

You will need to purchase your domain name (likely ~$12/year) and purchase your own hosting (~$4/month through Github Pages). These are recurring costs.

If you'd rather me handle all of this on your behalf, it starts at $100/year, but might be more depending on the exact price of your domain name.

Google Analytics comes with the base package for free.

Reach out for a free quote!

How will I update my website?

I am currently in the process of making a runbook to allow these static websites to be easy to update yourself, even with no background in tech! The runbook and any updates are free with your website.

If you need additional custom work, I am avaiable for a reduced hourly rate of $75/hour.